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~Welcome To Our~
Pet's Happy

This is my Faerie ~Angelita~ and her prince ~Joncor~,
With their beautiful stallion "Calomiti"

To Adopt a Horse, Click the Certificate!
To Adopt a Faerie, Look at the bottom of this page!

This is our little Bee!
Her name is Bonita!

Click here to get
A Bee for your page!

This is our little Blossom Bear!
We got her from our friend Vickey!
Click on Blossom to adopt a bear of your own!

Meet Angelique our Guardian Bear!
She watches over and protects our page.
Everyone need a Little Angel!
Click on Angelique to get yours!

Here's some funny little Beans from Viki!
Don't you think they're cute??


These are our sweet little songbirds!
Their names are Luna and Sunny
Would you like to adopt a song bird too?
Then just click on the little birdhouse!

This is our little rat Rex!
He has many brothers and sisters without homes too.
Click on his birth certificate to adopt a homeless little rat,
They really make great little pets!

Here is our cute fishy "Bubbles!"
She is quiet, easy to take care of, and very pretty!
Click on her fishbowl to adopt a fish too!

This my adorable BUNNY, "RoseBud"!"
She has lots of brothers and sisters avaliable for adoption!
Go visit Kimberly to adopt a Bunny!
She's very nice, and she makes great graphics too!

This is my little FLUFF!
Her name is Rosalinda!

Click here to get
A FLUFF for your page!
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Come Here To Meet My Faeries!
They're In Need Of A Good Home!

Want To Visit "~Little Heaven~" PART TWO?
Click Here To Visit "~My Little Angels~"!

If You Love Cyberpets of ALL kinds, stop surfing the net looking for them!
They're All right here In these two fantastic pages!!
Visit Janice and Kat and see for yourself!!

~Angel's Faerie Border Backgrounds~

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