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~My Little Angels~

~This Is The Little Angel Grace!~

~This Is The Little Angel Harmony!~

~This Is The Little Angel Felicity!~

~This Is The Little Angel Charity!~

~This Is The Little Angel Divinity!~

~This Is The Little Angel Joy!~

~This Is The Little Angel Serenity!~

If you would like to have an ~Little Angel~ for your page,
feel free to take as many as you'd like with my blessings.
Please take a certificate to go with your ~Little Angel~ to her new home,
And Please make a link back to "~My Little Angels~"
So that others can adopt from here too!


Before you download any of my graphics, please read this:
~Click Here Please~

Little Angels were created by ~Angel~ ęcopyright~Angel~1997-1999. All rights reserved.

Do Not Edit, Re-Color, Re-size or Otherwise Change These Images In Any Way

If you like what I've done here, please email me and let me know.
Love, ~Angel~

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~My Little Angels have been visited times since September 4,1997~