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~Ceindeg's Enchanted Dwelling~

This is where our beloved sorceress Ceindeg lives. She lives here
with her Faerie assistants, Fantasia and Ambrosia. The castle
smells sweet of candles and fresh herbs and flowers. Ceindeg is a
good sorceress, sweet and pure of heart. She protects our family
and the people that we love. Her pet dragon's name is Tully,
and her new kitten's name is Arella. Don't worry if Tully looks
a bit grouchy...the truth is, he's as gentle as a kitten himself!
Also, please meet ALAW! She has just come to stay with Ceindeg.
Alaw is a good witch, she makes spells of pure white magic
to help and protect us all. She's a sweet little witch!



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~Angel's Faerie Border Backgrounds~

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