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~Aurora and Tatiana's Room~

This is where Aurora and Tatiana live.
Aurora was in need of a new home because hers was destroyed by evil trolls!
She was invited to come live here with her beautiful cousin Tatiana.
They have always been the best of friends, and now they are quickly
teaching each other all the magic that they know!
Right now, they are busy trying to decide which spell to use,
to turn those little frogs into a couple of handsome princes!


This is the Wizard Teagan, who protects this Castle, and the Green Dragon.
He keeps the dragon safe for all adoptive parents of Wizards and Sorceresses.
Wandering WizardGreen Dragon
Wandering Wizard, Keeper of the Green Dragon.
Click on the wizard to wander ahead.

If you like the window that I made, please feel free to use it in your page.
All I ask is that you give me credit, or a link back to my page. Thanks, ~Angel~

If you'd like to adopt a Wizard or a Sorceress
Please click right here!
Here's where we adopted Alaw too!

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